So my trip is coming to the end. I am homebound. It was only 4 days instead of 5 but it was nice! Maybe more pictures to come if i think their good enough to post! Wish me luck! #mintriptnends #minitriptn (at Lookout Mountain)

So this is Ruby falls! It was just super duper! The presentation to it was great too! Apparently it is must do since Ashton Kutcher went to it…Hulk Holgan is suppose to come here soon too. It’s def the second best part of the trip! First being the major chill i busted with the guys lol! More pics to come soon…hopefully a better look into the thing! #minitripTN (at Ruby Falls)

Okay so official night post of a photo i snagged on my way to Chattanooga!
One thing I guess i like to convey is that honestly time seems to move so fast that it scares me. I’m scared that something i need is gonna pass me by. Okay so that was the time bit I wanted to say. Not feelin it now.
The other thing I’d like to convey is optimism. I think if we keep an optimistic heart. In the end that will help more than hurt. Notice i said heart (metaphorically). Some pessimism in our mind keeps us afloat and able to look for possible dangers but i feel its our heart (with optimism) that drives us seeks out ways to fix those problems. It also allows us to move forward with something we believe in even with a chance of failure or getting hurt. We use our mind to solve problems we think we’ll encounter and our heart to push forward when we fail. Another way think of it (that might sound oxymoronic) is say you have to give up something because it is hurting you too much, i think it is our minds that allow us to figure the best way to do it and our hearts that allow us to follow through. Even though it may hurt when we fall, or in some cases succeed it allows us to become stronger if we let it. I think I should rather want to be strong than impervious. Idk…if you have questions hit me up.
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The place I am staying while here in Chattanooga is gorgeous! Wow i really wish i brought someone with me! I hope i can maybe enjoy it with someone in the future! Gahhh i wanna come back next year!!!! Except in the spring! Ahhh I’m freaking out on how great this place is! If you’re ever looking to go to Rock City hit up The Garden Walk Bed and Breakfast. It’s def a couple’s place but I’m rockin it pretty well (at The Garden Walk Bed and Breakfast Inn)

Snagged this one more on the website once i get to my hotel. #minitripTN

Headed out! Sorry there was no morning post…kinds slept in alot…anywho! Headed down to Chattanooga. Next stop, Lookout Mountain! Safe trip back home to Geoff and Keifer! #minitripTN

Super fun time with these guys! My thought for tonight is that time flies. More on that tomorrow, I’m hanging with my dudes. #minitripTN

So first thing to say is sometimes it sucks being the photographer and wanting to be the subject. I really love taking pictures of people in moments but i also love being in the moments…#dilemma so many things i wanna capture, when i get better it might not be as big of a deal haha if your a photographer let me know if it does get better! Also this is up before 12 so i meet the morning requirement!

So the thing I’d like share about me this morning is why I am a Physics and Electrical Engineering major and my flaws in how i approach it.
So the reason that I chose Physics as my first major was because i wanted the chance to learn how the physical world works, with all its complexities. It can be super beautiful when you come to a solution that makes sense. It is the craziest and most awesome things out there. I chose Electrical cause I really like electrical signals and how we use them in modern systems. More specifically audio. I play guitar and it’s really cool how it all works, turning sound into electrical signals back into sound. Idk it sounds lame when i read and write it but it’s not. Also i kinda feel it’s an extension of physics and so naturally I attracted to it ha ha. So my faults are next. My biggest fault in trying to achieve degrees in the fields i have chosen is my work ethic. I get things conceptually but when it comes to use and recognition I am weak. I know i need to spend more time on what i do and if i did i think I’d like them more. My goal is to spend more time with the work i have chosen. Get to the level i feel i should be. It will require more of me but if i can work through it…
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Went to the worlds only Parthenon replica! Next up the real one!! #minitripTN #Tennessee #Nashville

Hey Guys! So this is my official night post. So the Guys you see here are just a few of the guys I live with at “The Pike House”. From left to right you have Seth Keifer, Geoff Ong, Nick Heshelman, and Chris Taylor, all who have be a pleasure to get to know over the past years, and all who have their own story to tell. It is super awesome that I get to spend two days with them in this super awesome pad! Like For reals, if you saw in here you’d flip on how Awesome this place is.

On thing I’d like to say to those following is, try to commune with others heart to heart, “because when Hearts come together they make a home.”(Shameless plug for whitenoisestereo.) I think that sometimes we can create these barriers so that we can prevent ourselves from being venerable but that cost too much…I think. Sometimes one may think it is easier to be without a true connection but i think if we allow for those connections and it doesn’t have to be too complicated or too hard. In fact it can fun and exciting and kinda nice. Idk those are just the thoughts I have based on this picture.
Disclaimer: I hope these get better overtime.

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